LiveTiles, Unily and the Intranet-in-a-Box Market

Former Vice President, Strategic Accounts at Unily

Why is this interview interesting?

  • How Livetiles, Beezy, Unily and Simmplr compete
  • Pros / Cons of LiveTiles vs competitors
  • Relevance of intranet software products in an increasingly competitive market
  • Microsoft vs Salesforce platform strategy as it relates to employee engagement and communications
  • Corporate outlook for intranet software market

Executive Bio

Former Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Former Vice President, Strategic Accounts at Unily

This executive has been working in and around the field of technology for "employee experience" for over three decades. He spent just over a year at Unily as Vice President, Strategic Accounts where was involved in reorganising the sales and marketing organisation and repositioning Unily's product. Prior to this he was involved with enterprise SaaS business Social Chorus as Executive leader of the EMEA operations. The executive has also held a number of senior roles at Microsoft, Path Intelligence and Movvo.Read more

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