Last Mile Delivery Challenges

Former General Logistics Manager, Marks and Spencer

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Warehouse and logistics network setup for traditional retailers
  • Inbound to outbound processes for traditional brick and mortar retailers
  • Structural advantages of online versus brick and mortar retailers
  • Process of managing returned products throughout the supply chain
  • Costs of returns to retailers

Executive Bio

James Doyle

Former General Logistics Manager, Marks and Spencer

James has over 15 years experience in logisitcs and transportation management. He started his career at TNT UK where he was regional manager for nearly years. He then moved to become General Manager at Kuhne and Nagel where he was reponsible for developing transportation solutions through third party carriers. James then moved down the supply chain to become Logistics Manager at M&S where he ran the largest warehouse in the UK. James now runs Global Commercial Cargo Management for Emirates SkyCargo. Read more

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