Hermes Investment Management: A Leading Responsible Investor

Current Head of Investment at Hermes Investment Management

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How Hermes Investment Management are positioned as a responsible investment manager


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Eoin Murray

Current Head of Investment at Hermes Investment Management

Eoin is Head of Investment and a member of Hermes’ Executive Committee. Eoin also leads the Investment Office, which is responsible to clients for the investment teams’ consistent delivery of responsible, risk-adjusted performance and adherence to the ESG processes at Hermes. Eoin joined Hermes in January 2015 with over 20 years’ investment experience. Eoin joined from GSA Capital Partners, where he was a fund manager. Before this, he was Chief Investment Officer at Old Mutual from 2004 to 2008 and also held senior positions at Callanish Capital Partners LLP and Northern Trust Global Investments. He began his career as a graduate trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust (now JPMorgan Chase) and subsequently performed senior portfolio manager roles at Wells Fargo Nikko Investment Advisors (now BlackRock), PanAgora Asset Management and First Quadrant.Read more

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What is Hermes’ value proposition?

We want to help our clients retire better. We use that language very carefully, because better doesn’t just mean wealthier, in financial terms. It means that the environment, in which they are living and spending their pension or their savings, is better too. If, for example, we’re invested in a company that provides bus services, and we’re not engaging with the company and they are cutting back their rural service, it could well be that produce a great financial return, for a pensioner living out in the country, but they’ve no longer got a bus service that allows them to get to shops. It’s a silly example, but it’s a classic of, unless you are taking account of the full holistic picture, you’re missing a trick for the benefit of the end client.

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Hermes Investment Management: A Leading Responsible Investor(November 29, 2019)

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