Google: Selling Display Advertising

Former Industry Director and Head of Display at Google

Why is this interview interesting?

  • How Google structures enterprise sales teams across platforms and products
  • The role DoubleClick played on Google's dominance in display advertising
  • Challenges and opportunities selling YouTube to enterprise clients
  • How Google works with agencies and end clients
  • Why traditional advertising agencies are getting squeezed
  • Further opportunities for Google selling to enterprise clients

Executive Bio

Brian Cusack

Former Industry Director and Head of Display at Google

Brian spent 13 years working at Google and is the Former Industry Director for Healthcare. He ran several national teams that support the digital marketing and advertising programs for a wide range of organizations and companies in the Health Services industry. Prior to this role, Brian was Head of Display on Google’s YouTube and a Director on the Display team focusing on digital video advertising. Prior to Google, Brian spent 3 years at Aol and 15 years at Ziff Davis.Read more

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Google: Selling Display Advertising(July 30, 2020)

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