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Former VP at Global-e

The executive is the Former VP at Global-e responsible for over 200 US brands and global customer success.Read more

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Why would a merchant switch from Global-e to eShopWorld or others?

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Less than 2% of customers left us and I don't know any who moved to eShopWorld. Those who did leave were small and international wasn't big enough. I remember a small customer saying it was not worth it to pay so much only for Canada. A larger brand who were on Shopify left because they felt the checkout wasn't as on brand as they wanted, as they could only do limited customization, but told us when our embedded Shopify integration was more mature, they would talk to us again. Those who would talk to us about it would definitely leverage it to get better pricing, but it was always smaller companies such as Zonos who thought they were our competition who would be knocking on their door saying they could it better for them, but when we broke out all the services they got with Global-e, they chose to stay.

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