Interview Transcript

How do you manage a team that has to deliver such a high and unique experience to the customer? What do you tell your team and how do you manage them, to deliver that experience?

I don’t want to simplify it or make it seem too easy but, again, the technology that we have in our products, this is the Formula 1 advantage. We are experiencing new technology every single Sunday, in every single track in the world. You only think about Formula 1 but then there are tens or hundreds of different competitions that we are in and we continuously develop and experience new technology and we transfer it to the commercial production. At the end of the day, for us, we are in the same building. Not exactly in the same building, but one in front of the other. It’s really the same people. You go to eat at the canteen and you sit together with the guy that’s developing F1. Ferrari has the ability to translate it into commercial technology, the extreme technology, which you experiment with, every time, in the racing, especially Formula 1. There was not one single race, in Formula 1, without the presence of an official Ferrari. Ever.

Ferrari is the core, the heart, of Formula 1, together with some other teams, but we are the core. We leverage that experience, not only for the brand awareness, not only for the obvious things, but specifically and especially, to transfer technology to the commercial production.

To be on the edge of technology, together with a long experience in managing the aesthetic aspect of the car, we never compromise on performance. To answer your question, it’s easy for the people selling Ferrari, because really, they just have to let the customers sit in the car and drive. Of course, it has to be the right client. My mother, for example, would never sit in a Ferrari. She would crash it after a few hundred meters. To give you an example, if someone is able to drive the car and have a test drive and is going to really try the car, our conversion rate is amazing. The job of our people in the dealership is to identify the right person to take and drive the car. But then, it’s an easy job.

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