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Former Director at Digimarc


Why is this company interesting?

Digimarc is a pioneer of digital watermarking technology. Their expertise and portfolio of patents allow them to apply imperceptible watermarks to product packaging containing data-rich, serialized marks far more advanced than the capabilities of barcodes. The invisible watermarks repeat many times throughout packaging artwork, increasing the efficiency of scanning relative to traditional visual barcodes and the serialized, connected capabilities allow more data that is updatable over the internet for each individual item or SKU. Digital watermarks provide many benefits, including sustainability, traceability and brand protection. Currency authentication for a consortium of central banks is a cornerstone use case of Digmarc's watermarks, providing the company with cash flow to fund a large portion of R&D and proving to customers the security of the technology itself. The company's watermark technology is being used in the Holy Grail 2.0 consortium to innovate and test scaleable recycling use cases for digital watermarks in Europe. Digimarc recently acquired EVRYTHING which gives digital identities for items through a digital product cloud.


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Former Director at Digimarc

The executive started working with digital watermarking technologies in 2005 and is the Former Director at Digimarc, International. The executive set up the European team and ran sales and development for the company reporting to the Global Head of Sales.Read more

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