Leadership Communication Principles: Dealing with Change and Crisis

Head of Internal & External Engagement Division, European Central Bank

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Why communication is a foundational leadership skill
  • The importance of a confidant for leaders: having someone who can give you honest feedback
  • Leadership communication: why it matters to develop self-awareness
  • The pillars of effective leadership communication: clarity, integrity, authenticity
  • Tools for leaders to communicate effectively through hierarchies
  • The power of storytelling in leadership communication
  • How leaders can build trust through communication in a crisis

Executive Bio

Torsten Busse

Head of Internal & External Engagement Division, European Central Bank

Torsten began his career as a journalist covering Silicon Valley at IDG News Service. He switched into the corporate world from IDG where he spent 10 years building German software giant SAP’s internal communications department. Torsten then joined Brunswick Group from 2010-18 as a director responsible for helping corporates with communications consulting around mergers, acquisitions and restructurings. In 2018 Torsten was recruited by the European Central Bank to head their internal communications and their external engagement division. Read more

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