Bottega Veneta: Luxury Brand Building

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Bottega Veneta, Kering

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Formulating an integrated marketing communication strategy
  • The heritage of Bottega Veneta and how the brand connected with consumers
  • The importance of communicating what you stand for as a brand
  • How Michael Kors built a brand and challenges scaling
  • Core pieces of advice for young marketers entering the luxury world

Executive Bio

Lisa Pomerantz

Former Chief Marketing Officer at Bottega Veneta, Kering

Lisa is a luxury goods marketing veteran and has worked at a handful of the world’s most valuable brands. Lisa is the former CMO Bottega Veneta, the Italian brand with €1.1bn in revenue and owned by Kering, where she has spent a total of 10 years leading marketing during two spells working at the brand. Previously, Lisa was SVP, Global Communications and Marketing at Michael Kors for 7 years after spending 6 years leading marketing for CELINE, the luxury leather goods brand owned by LVMH, in North America. Read more

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Bottega Veneta: Luxury Brand Building(April 7, 2020)

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