In-Vehicle Telematics Value Chain Structure

Former Vice President IoT at Sierra Wireless

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Technological history of in-vehicle telematics and connectivity
  • Potential impact of 5G and other technological developments over the next decade
  • Value chain structure for in-vehicle telematics
  • Why the market is fragmented and barriers to consolidation
  • Positioning of the auto OEMs in consumer and commercial auto telematics solutions
  • Core differences in value chain structure between stolen vehicle and fleet management services
  • How a multinational customer chooses a third-party aftermarket provider
  • Challenges and opportunities for aftermarket players such as Calamp, Ituran, etc.

Executive Bio

Dan Mårtensson

Former Vice President IoT at Sierra Wireless

Dan has 20 years in the telco and cellular industry that forms the basis of what is today the telematics or Internet of Things industry. He started his career with 10 years at Telenor, the $20bn Norwegian telco, where he ran the Telematics division before being promoted to EVP Sales. At Telenor, he was deeply involved in the invention of the embedded SIM which is within every connected device and iPhone today. Dan spent 5 years leading cloud telematics companies such as Digital Route and Realcom and recently enjoyed 5 years at Sierra Wireless, a global leading telematics and IoT provider, where he was VP of the IoT division. Read more

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In-Vehicle Telematics Value Chain Structure(October 21, 2020)

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