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Artur Aira.

Former CEO at Addtech Business Unit

The executive has over 8 years within Addtech and Addlife. He is the Former CEO of Addtech’s Life Sciences business unit which was spun out in 2016 and became the labtech division of Addlife. Prior to Addtech, he has over 20 years experience in the healthcare industry across lab diagnostics and medical technology products.Read more

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Maybe you can talk about your background and how you got to Addtech and what you did while you were there?

I have a medical background and I have been working my whole professional career within the biotech, the pharmaceutical industry and also the diagnostic industry. I have worked in all positions from product specialist to sales manager, marketing manager and then CEO for bigger biotech and diagnostic companies like Organon, in the Nordic countries. I then got some missions in the US, in Holland. When Organon was divested by AkzoNobel, half of the company went to Merck and BioMérieux acquired the diagnostic part of Organon and I stayed in diagnostics.

So I became the general manager of BioMérieux in the Nordics and then I moved to France where I was a division manager for a full lab automation, so microbiology actually, and in 2011 I was head hunted to Addtech and I became the CEO of Addtech Life Science. At that time, when I started, Addtech Life Science had 12 daughter companies, so it was very decentralized. Actually, there were 12 CEOs that were reporting to me, and I worked there for 10 years. We took the Life Science part of Addtech and we made a new company – a listed company called AddLife – in 2016.

By the end of 2017, I decided to move back to Gothenburg where I'm from, from Stockholm, and do something else. I have been sitting on the board of 35 companies, working as a consultant for different groups. I had also a mission as CEO for a pharmaceutical company called ABIGO which just finished at the end of 2020 and, since then, I have been helping companies like Cellink with acquisitions because in Addtech and AddLife I did probably more than 25 acquisitions. I have a very good global view of the business in the biotech pharmaceutical, but mainly I think what's interesting is also how the strategic business model works for a company like Addtech. I don't know if you are familiar with Danaher?


When we wanted to explain how Addtech works, it is actually a little bit like Danaher. There are certain similarities but also certain differences.

That makes sense. I think we can go into those.

Yes, so this is my background.

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