Tier-1 versus OEM: Powertrain Dynamics

Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Valeo SA

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  • Difference in culture between a Tier-1 supplier and OEM
  • Challenges OEMs face in shifting powertrain from ICE to EV
  • The impact on WLTP regulation on strategic powertrain decisions for OEMs
  • Unit economics of powertrain componentry ICE vs EV configurations
  • How Powertrain Tier-1 manufacturers can manage legacy gas injection business
  • Potential breakup value for private equity sponsors in automotive Tier 1s

Executive Bio

Axel Joachim Maschka

Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Valeo SA

Axel has 27 years of experience in the automotive industry working for both leading OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. Axel started his career in 1992 at Daimler before moving to Bosch for 7 years where he was VP of Marketing, Strategy, and Business Development for the Diesel Systems business unit. In 2008, he then moved to leading tier 1 supplier Continental AG as CEO of the Engine Systems unit before a short spell at Volvo in 2011. In 2013, he then moved to become SVP Sales and Business Development at Valeo where he led sales globally for the tier 1 supplier, whilst also serving as an Executive Board Member. Read more

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Tier-1 versus OEM: Powertrain Dynamics(October 9, 2019)

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