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Building Teams

Philip Green
Former CFO at Deliveroo & Finance Director, EMEA, Amazon

Learning outcomes

  • The role of diversity
  • The importance of getting people to play to their strengths

Executive Bio

Philip Green

Former CFO at Deliveroo & Finance Director, EMEA, Amazon

Philip Green spent almost eight years at Amazon, culminating with the role of Finance Director of EU operations. He then took on the role of CFO at Groupon, followed by the role of CFO of Deliveroo. He currently is Director and CFO of theatre and entertainment producer Jamie Hendry Productions, as well as CFO of robotics and AR gaming business Reach Robotics, and advisor to several high-tech digital start-ups.Read more

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Interview Transcript

What really drives high-performing teams?

Play to people’s strengths, at the highest level. If you play to strengths and you want a successful team, you need diversity. Going back to the sports analogy, you can’t have everybody who wants to be a striker. If that’s their strength and you build a team of strikers, you probably won’t win. You need to ask, “What does this team need?” and then make sure you’ve got the diversity of skill sets where people are strong. That’s probably at the core of it.

Ultimately, as a leader, you’re a conductor more than anything. You’re making sure you’re getting the best out of people; when to bring them in and when they need to step back; when you need to dial up the volume, the intensity; that’s your job as a leader. It’s not to do the stuff. It’s to set the tone of that and having good people who are capable of delivering. The worst is when you get them to play against their weaknesses. If you’ve got everyone working on their weak areas, how are you ever going to be high performing? You’ve got to be able to course-correct very quickly. That’s the leadership role. If you see somebody struggling, the question is, “Why?” Maybe they’re not getting the time to do the things they’re strong at because they’re covering something else for somebody else. You have to look at the whole picture.

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