This learning journey walks through:

  • How the commercial aerospace value chain is structured like an inverted pyramid and how the certification process works for OEM and PMA parts. This is context for understanding the dynamics between OEMs and PMAs. 
  • How a component flows through the aftermarket from part manufacturer to on the aircraft. We analyze how customers make buying decisions when replacing a part with OEM, PMA, USM, or DERs.
  • How HEICO FSG is vertically integrated across MRO, distribution, and PMA and why this provides a potential advantage over competitors in serving airlines 
  • The PMA approval and certification process and techniques used by OEMs to combat PMA penetration. This is HEI’s most profitable business line. 
  • The fundamentals of distribution and how Boeing and Airbus-owned distributors compete with HEI. Distribution plays a critical role in customer acquisition across the FSG. 
  • How HEI scaled its MRO business and the synergies between the Repair Group and HEI PMAs. 

Commercial Aerospace Industry

This quote from an interview with a Former VP at TransDigm has stuck with us for years:

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