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Frequently Asked Questions

General Guidelines

What to post

Anything related to a quality company that fundamental investors would find interesting.

What not to post

Stories about politics, crime, sports, unless it's a specific company-related piece of news that has long-term implications for a quality company.

How can I change my username?

You can change your username in the Settings page.

Using a Company Watchlist

Add your portfolio and watchlist companies to your Company Watchlist in the Settings page. This will enable you to personalize the Forum feed and receive emails when users are discussing your companies.

How to submit posts

  • Each post has to be tagged with at least one company. Only tag the companies directly related to the post so it will show in personalised company watchlist feeds.
  • Please don't promote your companies. Only share new points of view or recent developments that are relevant to the company.
  • When linking articles, please always use the original source.
  • Do not post investment suggestions. I.e. BUY AMZN at $3,330. This is not a trading room. However, you can discuss ways to value a company. i.e. How do you look at AMZN 2030 terminal multiple?
  • Use tickers where necessary but please ensure all companies discussed are tagged in the original post.
  • Don't use uppercase or exclamation marks to garner attention.

How to reply

  • Only comment if it's incremental to the conversation. Don't sneer or be snarky. We're all here to learn.
  • Comments should be thoughtful and extensive. This is not Fintwit. This Forum is for serious investors who want to understand.
  • Don't post shallow rebuttals of someones post. Back it up with clear reasoning.
  • If you disagree with someone, please explain your argument clearly. Don't call names. Let's explore both sides of the story as effectively as possible.
  • Don't make comments to solicit upvotes.