Robert Gray

Former CFO, UBM and Vice Chairman of the Board, eDreams

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  • UBM


Robert completed an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1980 before starting his career as a banker with JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank where he spent over 23 years working on IPO’s, M&A and LBO’s with corporates. In 2004, Robert joined Codere as CFO where he spent nearly 6 years leading to a successful IPO. Robert was then hired by UBM, a UK-listed media conglomerate, as CFO with a plan to roll up various other B2B and B2C media assets. UBM is now the largest trade show operator after around 60 acquisitions before recently merging with Informa. Robert also serves as Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee at eDreams and enjoyed one year as CEO of PR Newswire in 2015. Robert has over 12 years of experience as CFO of large public companies and has a deep understanding of communicating with all stakeholders and delivering excellent corporate governance.