Andy Gawthorpe

Former Marketing and Planning Director and Operating Executive Committee Member for Chery JLR

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  • Jaguar Land Rover


Andy has spent over 23 years working for Land Rover. He started his career at Rover Group, a British auto manufacturer that owned both Rover and Land Rover brands, in 1993. In 1994, Rover Group was purchased by BMW before the company split up the brands and sold Land Rover to Ford in 2000. Andy worked across many different sales and marketing operations globally for Land Rover throughout Ford's ownership between 2000-07 before the business was sold to Tata Motors. After two years Aston Martin in 2011, Andy returned to JLR as part of the Executive Operating Committee for Chery Jaguar Land Rover, the Chinese JV of the business between 2013-15 before finally finishing his JLR career as a Marketing and Planning Director.