Peter Maimonis

Chief Scientific Officer and Sr. VP of R&D at Metamark Genetics

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  • Metalmark Genetics


Peter has an accomplished background in the discovery and development of oncology biomarkers, companion diagnostics, and assays. He has held senior level positions in various areas of research and development at Ciba-Corning, Chiron Diagnostics, Bayer Diagnostics, Decision Biomarkers, and On-Q-ity, and most recently served as Vice President of Biomarker Development at Biothera, working with their novel cancer immunotherapeutic. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer and Sr. VP of R&D at Metamark Genetics. Peter received his B.S. in Biology from MIT and his Ph.D. in Tumor Immunology from Brown University, and subsequently received his postdoctoral training at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in biomarkers for lung and breast cancer. He was also a Research Fellow at Harvard with a focus in assay development and clinical application through work with clinicians and surgeons in the area of lung cancer.