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Focus on structurally advantaged business models.


Our process is focused on sourcing quality executives, not speed and volume.


All interviews are conducted by long-term, fundamental investors according to primary research best practices. Signal over noise.

Our Content

A Curated Interview Library

We aim to build the highest-quality executive interview library for fundamental investors

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In Practise Content

  • Interviews hosted by the In Practise Team
  • We publish research analysis on quality companies that interest us
  • We also write a weekly newsletter summarizing our learnings from each interview
  • Coverage: US and EU quality companies

Partner interviews

  • 1-1 interviews are led by a select group of experienced fund managers.
  • Partner interviews are recorded and available to all subscribers
  • Partner investors are anonymised and the interviews are available in text format only
IP Research Analysis

Investment Research built from internal Primary Research

We curate primary insights to help investors understand quality companies

Research Analysis

IP Research Analysis reports are built upon internal primary research conducted privately with executives within our network. We aim to focus on 1 specific question that drives the thesis of a large, quality company. All our work is built from internal scuttlebutt research.

Midcap Profiles

IP Company Profiles help investors get up to speed on the core drivers of a company as effectively as possible. Profiles focus on global quality companies less than <$10bn in market value and less covered by other research institutions.

Value Chain Analysis

IP Value Chains help investors understand the mechanics of value chains in industries where structurally advantaged businesses compete. We explore how units flow from suppliers to customers, the bargaining power across value chains, and the durability of structural advantages of large cap, quality companies.

Listen to interviews

All interviews conducted by us available on Spotify

You can also listen on Apple Podcast or your favorite RSS podcast app.

Executive Sourcing

We're organized to optimise for quality executives, not volume.

Most expert networks hire account managers who are not investors or analysts to serve hedge funds. We have investment analysts working alongside our recruiters on client projects to ensure we understand the industry, company, and how to source the best executives. On average, this leads to higher quality executives more consistently. These investment analysts also conduct their own primary research calls for IP internally.

Read more about how we source differentiated executives for clients

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Our Services

In Practise Partner Program

A focus on quality not volume and speed

Published Interviews

  • Interview quality executives at the unit cost.
  • Each interview is recorded, transcribed, and made available to the client exclusively for 7-days.
  • After 7-days, interviews are published to all In Practise subscribers.
  • Get access to quarterly transcript reviews and primary research workshops.

Private Interviews

  • Interviews are exclusively available to the client and not published on our platform.
  • Transcripts of private calls are available exclusively to the client.

What our clients are saying


Portrait photo of Elliot J. Turner

Elliot J. Turner

Managing Partner & CIO, RGA

In Practise offers the most unique, high caliber experts in areas where other networks have limited reach.
Portrait photo of Christopher Mayer

Christopher Mayer

Portfolio Manager, Woodlock House Family Capital

In Practise is my favorite primary research service with its focus on quality companies and its long-term orientation.
Portrait photo of Stéphane Rueff

Stéphane Rueff

Managing Partner, LLP Investments AG

In Practise excels at sourcing the right experts. For me, In Practise stands for quality over quantity.


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Portrait photo of Philip Green

Philip Green

Former Finance Director EU Operations at Amazon

In Practise makes knowledge accessible through insightful, well prepared and engaging conversations. Information is well curated and targeted to help everyone deep dive into topics of interest from real world experiences - from the people who’ve lived them.