TransDigm, AdelWiggins, & The Aerospace Aftermarket

Former President at Transdigm

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  • History of Adel Clamps and Wiggins Connectors
  • How TransDigm innovates and creates new business lines
  • How Boeing redrafted commercial aftermarket contracts for the 787
  • How TransDigm looks at switching costs
  • Challenges to aftermarket pricing on new platforms
  • Outlook on aftermarket growth

Executive Bio

Brady Fitzpatrick

Former President at Transdigm

Brady has over 32 years of aerospace experience and is a Former President at TransDigm. He joined as Director of Operations at Adel Wiggins where he was responsible for the LA facility before being promoted to President of the division with full P&L responsibilities. Brady then joined Zodiac to run a Cabin facility and he now works at Senior Aerospace. Prior to Transdigm, Brady had roles running facilities at Honeywell and Moog.Read more

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TransDigm, AdelWiggins, & The Aerospace Aftermarket(August 16, 2021)

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