Premium FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What is In Practise Premium?

In Practise Premium is a new way for investors to learn about high quality European and US midcaps and is built on three core principles:

  • Focus on mid-cap, high quality companies
  • Effective and collaborative learning with high quality investors
  • Cost-effective access to experienced operators

It is built for investors to learn about quality companies through conversations with senior industry executives in three formats:

  • In Practise-hosted interviews
  • 1-1 interviews
  • Group investor interviews

Investors can propose projects to interview executives directly or start group interviews with other investors within the In Practise community.

How can I propose a new project?

Premium users can propose a new project here. When the project is submitted, it will appear on the Premium feed for other premium users to share their thoughts on the company. There is an option to hide the questions you're exploring on a 1-1 interview. We believe learning with others can accelerate our learning process if conducted effectively with high-quality investors.

What happens to unfunded projects?

If projects do not hit the funding target within 90 days, they are removed from the feed and users will be fully refunded.

Interview FAQs

What are In Practise-hosted interviews?

In Practise Interviews are executive interviews conducted by In Practise and published to the whole community on We have an internal coverage list of high-quality US and European mid-caps that we will cover on an ongoing basis.

Users can crowdfund In Practise interviews with as little as USD 50, with interviews fully funded at USD 500. Crowdfunded projects are added to the top of our coverage list. In Practise sources, vets, compensates, and interviews the executives for each IP interview.

What is a 1-1 interview?

A 1-1 interview is a recorded interview conducted by the user with the executive directly. Users can propose a new 1-1 interview on a quality midcap and In Practise will source, compensate, and schedule an executive for the user to interview. Once a 1-1 project is submitted, the company project will be displayed in the Premium feed. Other In Practise premium subscribers can discuss and add questions they are asking about the company.

Each interview is USD 500 and is recorded, transcribed, and available for Premium subscribers to read. The user that conducts the interview will have a 1-week embargo period to read the interview before it is published to other premium subscribers.

What is a group interview?

A group interview is a recorded conversation between multiple investors and one or more executives. A user can propose a new group interview for as little as USD 100 which is then displayed on the Premium feed where other investors can crowdfund the project. A group interview is fully funded at USD 1,000.

When the funding hits USD 1,000, In Practise will source an executive, host, and schedule a group interview with all investors who funded the project. Investors can share ideas and questions on the project page to learn together about how the company works.

All group interviews are recorded and made available to Premium users only.

FAQ Questions and Answers

What are Executive Q&A?

Executive Q&A is a new way to engage with experienced operators. The new format aims to reduce the cost of users accessing knowledge and allows executives to answer questions in written format at any time during the week. The questions and answers are quality controlled by In Practise to maintain the quality on the platform.

How does Executive Q&A work?

Premium beta users can spend credits to collectively fund questions directly to executives that will be answered in written format. Premium users can spend as little as $50 to fund any question and collectively compensate the executive for the time and wisdom in answering.

How can I ask executives new questions?

Premium users can submit questions to [email protected] with the name of the executive and the proposed question. In Practise will review and engage with the executive to complete the question.

How long does it take to complete funded questions?

Once a question has hit the funding target, the executive will provide a 500-1000 word answer within 2 weeks.

What happens to unfunded questions?

If questions do not hit the funding target within 60 days, they are removed from the platform and users will be refunded.